Vehicles Available

Dacia 1300

This car is available in various colours. Off-road performance is subpar along with slower acceleration and poor traction when compared to driving on roads as it is light and has a horsepower of 54HP. If tyres take heavy damage, they pop and reduce handling performance as well as speed.

Dacia’s speed on level paths is between 85 to 90km/hr. However, this speed ranges between 110 to 115km/h when holding boost key but it increases consumption of fuel. This is a pretty decent car when someone activates PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds hacks for optimal usage.

Note: The creator of this game was a huge fan of Top Gear that is a car show. It featured his favourite Dacia cars. For this reason, he introduced this car in the game.


The buggy sport has a smaller engine than UAZs and other vehicles. However, one can drive up any slope after it is parked on any one of it.
With a lightweight, open body frame and a small engine makes this vehicle relatively fast but is exposed when taking on fire as it lacks armour plating or panelling. It maintains 90km/hr top speed without boost, thus, making it a fuel efficient car but it slows down when driving over rough terrain or going uphill.
Moreover, this vehicle along with PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds hacks one can track other gamers for killing as well as escaping quickly from shrinking battle zone. Most pro gamers while driving prefer this vehicle along with cheats for quick access to different locations.


This hybrid car is made using Jeep as well as Buggy and comes in two different types; open and closed top. For the open top, passengers are exposed to various elements as only some protection is available from its door and roll cage. High fuel consumption when at full speed and best used for off-road driving and crushing players with PUBG hacks like Vehicle hits.
Coming to the closed-top version; it is a closed frame, a mid-size vehicle which is completely covered from the exterior area, offering superb protection against several arms. Due to the speed, fuel efficiency, durability and off-road capacity, makes it one of the ideal cars in this game.