For the most part the majority of the mainstream media does not want to admit just how far and powerful the online tournament space has become. Since the age of Counter Strike there have been championships with a grand prize – but the $4.3 million won by Bugha (real name Kyle Giersford) marks a new step in showing the public just how big competitive online gaming tournaments have become.

Firstly – we need to look at this number in comparison to other numbers. By the way $4.3M is based off the Austrlian currency. But let’s compare this win to another tournament that was happening at the same time – namely one we are all familiar with – Wimbeldon.

This player received more money than both of the top winners from Wimbeldon – Novak Djokovic – the currently ranked No. 1 tennis player.

But what does this mean – and will people for the first time pay attention to just how massive the game industry is.

Movie stars have made some appearances in video games – notably Kevin Spacey in the Call of Duty series and with the upcoming game Death Stranding which has a large line up cast of actors including:

  • Sam. Norman Reedus.
  • Cliff. Mads Mikkelsen.
  • Deadman. Guillermo del Toro.
  • Higgs. Troy Baker.
  • Amelie. Lindsay Wagner.
  • Mama. Margaret Qualley.
  • Fragile. Léa Seydoux.
  • Die-Hardman. Tommie Earl Jenkins.

And this is not just actors lending their name to voice acting – but these actors will be modelled into the 3d world – including their facial animations – to create a real world experience.

However besides these games the video game and the film industry have not really crossed paths that much – in many cases Hollywood has dismissed the video game industry in many regards.

However this is all changing now.

People are becoming aware not only of gaming’s potential – but also how it has completely surpassed the film industry. Grand Theft Auto V had the biggest unit and total gross of any digital product ever – and completely blew away any film comparisons – being the fastest entertainment product to generate $1 billion in sales.

With this acceptance people will be able to put sport into its respective place – and while the mainstream television industry is still very interwined with traditional sports and would like to ignore situations like this – the reality is traidtional sports along with the traditional entertainment industry is going away.

We are glad over here at Turnerfield Coalition to see Fortnite reach the heights that it has – and we look forward to our mod being used for future games.

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